Policies for the use of the apartment’s equipment

All available documentation for the electrical appliances is located in the cabinet to the right of the digestor.


  • Close the door consistently and if the frozen water does not allow the door close properly, defrost the refrigerator.
  • At the end of your stay, switch it off (set the cooling on 0), defrost it and wiped dry and left open.


  • List of preselected programmes is attached.
  • Possibility to connect the TV as a monitor via a 5m HDMI cable, which is stored behind the TV and is apartment’s equipment! Do not unplug it from the TV, please.)
  • The TV is connected to the local Wi-Fi network and can be used and a internet browser (e.g. YouTube etc.)
  • The TV comes with a remote control.
  • Switch off the TV when leaving the apartment.

ACER monitor

  • Can be used to connect to laptop to create a home-office workstation.
  • The monitor is connected to 1,5m HDMI cable, which is also part of the apartment’s equipment. Please, do not unplug in from the monitor.
  • The monitor has to be switched off when leaving the apartment.

Brother DCP-1610W printer.

  • The printer is connected to the local Wi-Fi network.
  • To connect to the printer search for the printer in the local Wi-Fi network and then download necessary drivers for the printer and then print the wanted document from your laptop.
  • There is a limited amount of A4 papers available if you need more, please, purchase them.
  • For every approximately 20 prints or copies you can help us and throw 1Euro into our piggy bank located under the TV
  • If you run out of the toner, please contact the owner of the apartment.
  • Please consistently turn the printer off with the ON/OFF button after each use, remove any remaining paper and close the door.


  • The boiler is located in the bathroom in the cabinet by the door on the right.
  • When you leave the apartment, you must turn it off with the switch on the bottom right (to position 0)

All electrical appliance, except the Wi-Fi router, must ne switched off when you leave the apartment.