Emergency information about the apartment


  • Circuit breakers are in the apartment to the right of the door (Photo 1)
  • In case the circuit breakers are in order in the partman or they are popping again, you must contact the technical manager of the Los Diamantes III complex.
Photo 1: Circuit breakers


  • In the event of a water emergency, the main water shut-off valve must be closed immediately, or the taps at the boiler must be turned off and its heating switch turned off. Then contact the technical manager of the Los Diamantes III complex.The main water tap to the apartment is located in the cabinet in front of the apartment on the bottom left, the right tap is attached to the apartment. (Photo 2)
  • The boiler is located in the common bathroom in the cabinet just behind the door on the right above the washing machine (Photo 3), its caps are below it and the switch is on the bottom right.
Photo 2: Main water cap
Photo 3: Water caps for the boiler and water heating switch


  • In case of problem with the Internet connection, try turning off the power to the Internet router for 10 seconds (e.g. turn off the switch ont he extension cord on the shelf behind the Internet router).
Photo 4: Internet router