Organisational instructions for the accommodation

Not only in the apartment, but also in the entire complex including swimming pool, it is absolutely necessary to comply with the Los Diamantes III. Communityy Rules’ (see below)

On arrival:

  • Turn on the boiler. The Boiler is located in the bathroom in the cabinet by the door on the right and its switch is below it on the bottom right. Switch it to position I.
  • Turn on the refrigerator by turning the dial to 5-6.
  • The keys to the pool are on the rack by the main door. We remind you to follow the community rules at the pool.

On the day of departure:

  • Clear out unconsumed food (only non-perishable food items can be left in the cupboard (e.g., coffee, sugar, spices, etc.)
  • Remember to turn off electrical appliances as instructed, except for the Wi-Fi router (which must remain ON!)
  • Switch off, clear, defrost and wipe down the fridge and leave the door open.
  • Take out the garbage (the containers are in front of the complex in a shed)
  • Hang the pool key on the rack by the main door.
  • Vacate the apartment until 10AM.
  • Put the apartment keys back in the black box next the main door. Turn the code wheels after closing so the box cannot be opened.
  • If using the safe for valuable items (under the kitchen table) leave the key in the lock of the safe after.

If you find any defect or shortage, please email it to the owner or leave a note on the table. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

In the double-bedroom, the right built-in closer is locked and is reserved for the owner and maintenance of the apartment. Please do not open it.